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Rajapur lacked adequate educational facilities, Besides it comprised of rural area and it remains educationally backward area. Inorder to cater the educational needs of this locality especially muslims, who remained very much backward in education, we the prominent muslim citizens of rajapur came forward and established a educational society.

The society named “Bazme Urdu Adab” was estsblished in the year 1989 and it set up its first school by name “Ploolwari” in urdu medium in the same year. But as the time passed and there was demand for education in English so that the pupil can face modern challenges and facilitate then to acquire higher education,we started an English Medium School named National English School in the year 1993 where Islamic culture Islamic Knowledge is also in parted.Readmore




» To provide financial and material help to deserving students of minority community for completing comprehensive education.

» To provide Vocational and employment training and guidance to students.

» To Co-operate and discuss with the like minded bodies for expanding and exploring the center of good education specially for minority community.

» To establish, run & control educational institutes from grass root level.

» To maintain National integrity among the minorities.

» To Carry out Notional Programms and celebration.

» To see for the welfare and upliftment of minority community.

The B. U. A. Society is both a religious and linguisitic minority educational institution established under Articl 30 [1] of the constitution of India.

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